Our Audience

Slenky’s audience is aged 13-24, has multiple passions, interests and communication channels – and is spread across the UK. We describe them in simple terms…


Unsure of what they want to do and unsure of how to get started. self-confidence is low and they’re unaware of the skills they possess and opportunities available to them

Curious and want to experience things to help clarify what they’re searching for… need guidance


Have a specific requirement to fulfil for school, college or university including sandwich courses, work experience, internships etc.


Has a clear goal and looking for ways to bolster their resume

Know that being able to demonstrate experience will put them in a much stronger position going forward

Pro-actively looking for activities to undertake


Highly motivated individually and a self-starter looking to create their own opportunities

May include starting a business or tracking down unique experiences

Looking for advice, guidance, contacts and mentoring from people they respect in their targeted field

Job seeker

Most practical of our customer segments

Using online tools to find ‘real-world’ opportunities to get their career started

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