Our Story

Growing up on a London council estate and surrounded by talent, it was clear talent alone wasn’t enough – access to networks often got the shot that mattered.

We wanted to address this using social and mobile tech, aware that young people are highly valued contributors and Influencers in online’networks and key to the future of corporate communications

We consulted with young people and businesses to identify where they had connection – and how both could benefit from a mobile meeting place…

Slenky launched at Wembley Stadium in 2012, inviting young people and the brands they’d declared knowledge of, interest in, or affection for, and made the tech available to both ends of the chain.

Over the next 3 years we quietly tested different channels and demographics, growing the platform, strategy and reach, and adding value to partner brands’ ability to connect life-changing shots in new audiences.

Businesses on Slenky have incredible social impact and benefit from these new relationships with an audience not only willing to socialise with them – but joining slenky for that purpose.

Our Passion – ‘Change’…

Driven by mobile devices, 4G networks and rapidly evolving communications technology, the world continues to change at speed – everyone should benefit from the possibilities tech brings us. The growth of social communications means business can now connect the opportunities it creates – previously the preserve of  the best informed and best-connected – to ever-wider and more diverse global audiences.  

Such powerful technologies should be used to change lives and impact how business impacts society – shouldn’t it?

Our Vision

Slenky is driving the vision of giving young people access to the brands, businesses, and organisations that connect with their passions and can super-charge their aspirations. Some time ago we predicted a future where the phone screen opens a world of opportunity – whoever you are and wherever you’re from… 

a Change is Gonna Come…

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