Brand performance

Connect and deliver; gain data and insights and measure brand performance

Authentic content

Connect via social communication and content relevant to the user, shared authentically and with added credibility of users

Influential audiences

Connect by using existing brand communications to transform passive users into engaged audiences and to build earlier and longer-lasting relationships with the most influential audience

What is Slenky?

mobile platform connecting the passions and aspirations of  young people aged 13-24 and  inspiring them to ‘Take Your Shot’

  • increasing meaningful and track-able engagement between your business/brand and key mobile audiences
  • lowering costs (e.g. marketing) by targeting early and authentic engagement at relevant young audiences
  • increasing the number, length and value of relationships – improving reach, impact, brand performance and  perception
  • socialising and connecting all type of organisation with relevance to the things young people want to connect about – their lives, their passions  – their world

‘Shots’ are priceless communication opportunities; they’re personal and have a lasting impact that generates awareness, affection, loyalty and amplification of brand content.  Businesses create 1000’s of shots every day – every one a potential opportunity to connect a business, brand and  values – Take a Shot!


As well as socialising local and regional organisations, Slenky connects national and global brand leaders


Powerful Features

Slenky provides a suite of tools to easily manage your brand content, analyse user data, and track results inline with your businesses objectives.

Data and Insight

Gain a deep understanding of users that engage with your content

Branded Hubs

Create branded ‘hubs’ with unique URL and social media integration

Full Control

Businesses have full control over their content and brand within the Slenky platform

Targeted Content

Get your shots and content to specific audience segments using our targeting tools.

Existing Userbase

Access our large nationwide user base and help us do the hard work

Reach and Exposure

Amplify you message to a hard-to-reach audience

Want to know more?

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about connecting your shots – we’d love to hear from you!

020 8434 0580

Mobsventures Ltd

Company registered in England and Wales: 06255210


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